Web Applications for Client-Server browser access.

No need to install software on any computers.
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Web applications for every day business data and periodic reporting.

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Web Application vs Installing desktop software

Applications can work on common smart phones, tablets, Android, iPhone, iPad browsers. We will discuss with you what cross-browser goals need to be met at a minimum, unless your application has to work on old browsers then it is best to target the web application to current browsers so as to reduce costs.

A web application differs to a 'website' in the sense that it requires more user interaction and processing of the user input to determine output, in other words it is a program.

Web applications are online software

A web application is just a form of software that runs from the server through the web browser. Its advantages are portability and ease of access as well as the reduced maintenance issues as it can be centrally managed.

Maintenance of code and ease of code distribution is without doubt much easier for a web application as opposed to desktop installed software like Java or C++.

Using a standards compliant approach to coding and programming, so code is consistently implemented; for those wanting to know, we endorse the PHP Laravel framework.