PHP - The server side programming language for WEB
PHP Power

If you are looking for a PHP programmer then you probably already know it is the language of choice for dynamic web applications. If you know you need a programmer and want online access but aren't sure which language or scripting language to ask for, this page tells you a bit about PHP.

PHP and web technology

PHP sits on the server (host) and interprets data from the browser and executes data to the browser when the user for example submits a form or requests a web page or logs into a member area. PHP was created for web so it can output other web technologies like HTML, XML and JavaScript.

PHP and the internet

PHP was created in the mid 1990's for internet purposes, 1994 to be exact, at about the same time that the internet itself became available in Australia, so as internet technologies grew in strength and speed so did PHP.

PHP and databases

PHP connects with ease, security and flexibility to many database systems (DBMS) thanks to PHP PDO (php database objects) as of version 5.1

It's important to note that well written code is just as important as the choice of programming language. Code organised into 'objects' - Object Oriented - is much easier to manage as the program grows and as subsequent versions of your web software are built.

PHP and development environments

PHP has a strong and large community, many PHP Frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP, CodeIgniter and IDE's (Integrated Development Environments) have emerged that help the PHP developer implement code. Frameworks such as Laravel and CodeIgniter are used at WIGPIP.

PHP can of course be custom coded outside of popular known frameworks, for example when you you just want to add a simple interactive form to a website. That is the beauty of PHP it is good for small and large projets.


Over the years many famous applications have used PHP such as WordPress, Facebook, Magento, Drupal, PHPmotion, Gallery and other content management systems.

E-commerce shopping carts like OpenCart, ZenCart, WooCommerce, osCommerce and to this extent we can usually support an existing web application you may already be running.