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At WIGPIP we specialise in online database development and design. Database development is part of most web applications, whether it's a website or a complex client management system with custom built database design. Using the popular LAMP stack - Linux Apache MySQL PHP, we are here to help you manage your database year after year.

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Web applications should appeal to the user from the front-end. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is an important part of the project, whether it's a database administration reporting tool or a commercial website design. Responsive design for mobile devices as well as desktop. Layout models using PhotoShop can be done.

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original development


Web development involves the broader considerations of a web based project, from the planning to the functions to the design and hosting and more. Your project may be a secure private online membership based database or a very public Search Engine Optimised website, but either way it's part of the web development process.

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You are looking for a computer programmer to bring an idea to fruition? Programming is the writing of code that runs software on a computer or smart phone or tablet or indeed in any enabled device. Programming code is the guts of the project that usually makes decisions between your database and back to the user's screen.

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The quoting process at WIGPIP understands that complex projects require 'discovery' before going to the developer.

Move to the next phase with an indicative quote and Statement of Requirements.

Whether it's a designer website or a secure database driven application, or ongoing maintenance - you are in the right place.

WIGPIP is the affordable web development, programming and design service for businesses and individuals looking for a custom built, professional development strategy with great return on investment.

We are based in Melbourne so you can always meet with us face to face. Contact

Your website or database should look great, attract visitors and get results. At WIGPIP, based in Melbourne it's all about listening to you; the customer and taking time to get to know your ideas.

Other services include Creative Web Design, Online File Management, Newsletter systems, Search Engine Optimisation, Content Management Systems (CMS),

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software of the personalised variety is a big part of what we do. Tracking services provided to your clients in a database, be that notes, communication, invoices, case management, files, billable contact hours, quotes, profit margins or location data. This also comes under service management software and whilst we understand there are some good off the shelf solutions we know that more than 50% of the time a custom built solution is demanded by industry professionals with niche requirements.

We are experienced in E-Commerce Online Stores shopping cart solutions and catalogue websites, including payment gateway API integrations with your bank for customised e-commerce payments.

why us?

Experienced, Flexible, Affordable, Melbourne locations.

At WIGPIP we want to see your website or database application achieve great results.

Ongoing support via email, phone, skype and appointment. Two office locations in Melbourne.

WIGPIP Programming, Website Development & Design assists with infrastructure development. Helping to decide on best peripheral services; e.g. hosting setup, registering a domain name, web hosting, email configuration.

We understand that to get the Project plan/overview right means less work in the long run and this may mean many meetings at your venue or ours.

Online software and web software.

Database Development & Web Development and Web Applications.

Programming languages and scripting PHP and JavaScript, HTML(HyperText Markup Language), CSS.

Developer frameworks used are Laravel. Libraries used jQuery, Bootstrap, SASS. IDE Development environment PHPStorm.

Dynamic web based business reports that support Excel, Word and PDF output/export.

Consultation services and general IT strategy available for pre-project development.

Database design is the conceptual mapping and refining of relational tables on a database management system and this is tightly aligned with the day to day running of your business.

Testing your project is an important aspect of development, you will be part of this process.

Make an appointment - obligation free, or call or email to discuss the most appropriate online solution for you.


1999 - 2024

Assisting you with the creative side of development, ideas are central to the enhancement of any software project or website. We understand that logic combined with some creative thinking can lead to a truly simple answer.



1999 - 2024

Make an appointment obligation free to discuss your online project, or schedule it ahead from now and receive a discount.

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1999 - 2024

Power your next online database or website with PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS3, HTML5, Responsiveness, jQuery, Bootstrap, Object Oriented Programming and a good old fashioned direct line of communication.

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1999 - 2024

Established back in 1999 WIGPIP has stood the test of time, and we are here to stay (in Melbourne), committed to delivering to our loyal customers and new ones.

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1999 - 2024

Ideally you will have some form of written brief or Statement of Requirements, we will produce an indicative quote first and then a more formal Statement of Requirements and Quote. Planning is key to a successful database or website or application.



1999 - 2024

WIGPIP has always approached development for internet based projects based on a constant thirst for knowledge within the industry. It is the oly way, as technology within the online environment is changing rapidly all the time.


We think globally

Web technology is constantly evolving

At WIGPIP we are always doing our best to stay in tune with the best developments in web based technology as they arise. Changes in PHP Programming for example include changes in the way we access databases, keeping up to date with hosting providers, e-commerce software, SEO practices, development platforms, frameworks, language libraries and more. At WIGPIP we are cautious not to jump on the band wagon of every fad that comes along but to adopt technologies as they mature and become widely accepted.

Dynamic development

Common sense prevails

Using PHP and JavaScript and their counterpart libraries and plugins your web application will always leverage the best of dynamic back-end and front-end data manipulation and interactive ease. Our approach is to be flexible and responsive to your needs in such a way as to find the best solution for you by keeping up a good line of communication. Your developer will understand that a good plan plus space for changes towards the end of a project is part of a realistic work flow.


Edmund Rice Organisation

"Have had the Records Management team in all week – they are VERY impressed with your Database design and visual appeal. I gave them the grand tour of the Database today."

M. Weinstock

"I am absolutely delighted with the site that Martin Wischer from WIGPIP designed for me! The whole experience has been stress-free, very professional and I would not hesitate to recommend Wigpip to anyone."